Do’s and Don’ts for Online Marketers

7 Things You Should Never Do Working Online Don'ts

1. Never Give up.

Successful people are successful because they NEVER gave up NO MATTER how tough it was. Imagine where we would be TODAY if the Wright Brothers, Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Crapper, and many others had given up. We would be still sitting in the dark, using outhouses and waiting for our mail to be delivered by Pony Express.

These were people who had DREAMS and even though their families said that they were NUTS, they worked hard and followed their dreams until they made their dreams and ideas into reality and you need to do the same… You must succeed if you are 100% committed, and in helping others!


2. Never Jump From Program to Program.

Most people who try to make money online are spending more cash each month in the hope that they will become rich overnight than they are making. That is not the way it should be. The problem is that most people jump from program to program and never stick to something long enough to make it into a worthwhile venture.

Yes, you can make money online, but like any business, it takes time and patience. Think of your online business as your REAL business, and work on it every day, just as you would go to work each day, and you won’t go wrong.


3. Never Ever Wait for a Program to Work for You.

I don’t care what else you read or see online; There is NO SUCH THING as a miracle program that will work for you without you doing SOME WORK. To be successful in online Multi-Level-Marketing, you MUST find 3 – 12 people (depending on the program) who are willing to do the same as you are doing.

Network Marketing is a job where you are self-employed, and you need to learn how to advertise and be a good mentor if you want to be successful. You don’t need a HUGE list to make a NICE income online, all you need is 3 – 12 action takers in your downline. And you have to be willing to follow up with those people so that you can help them do the same if you want to make it work for you.


4. Never Assume That No One Else Will Do It for You.

There is NO SUCH THING as a program that will work for you while you wait patiently for the miracle to happen. To be successful, every member of the program MUST do their part of advertising work. You don’t need to buy expensive leads or make any phone calls! There are a lot of great places where you can advertise FREE to find your part of 3 – 12 serious people for your organization.


5. Never Spend Large Amounts of Money On a Program.

Many people have spent large amounts of money on programs just because their sponsor told them! Don’t do this! This can cause you to be frustrated. In fact, that’s not the only way to make BIG MONEY online!

There are LOTS of people out there who are making great incomes online who have worked their way up who started with free or inexpensive programs (It takes a little longer, but it can be done). And even more who started with 20 dollars or less per month who are now making a real income because they set aside a little time every day to promote their business.


6. Never Expect Your Upline or Downline Do All The Work for You.

Again, to make a program work, EVERYONE has to do their share of the work to get it started and keep it going.

You can’t ask your downline to do anything that you don’t know how to do (chances are they don’t know how either)! And also you can’t ask your upline to let you be a welfare or charity case so that you can be free to do other things!

How Fair is That!

That’s like asking someone in your REAL JOB to do their work and yours while you do other things you enjoy so that you can still get a paycheck every week! And If you are doing so you will NEVER make real money.


7. Never Assume

Once you have a small group, don’t assume that your group knows as much as you do. And if you are their sponsor, you have a responsibility to try to teach them what you know by sending them emails and tips about what they need to know to become successful. Don’t be afraid to share what you know.



7 Things You Should Always Do As An Online Marketer Don'ts

1. Advertise, Advertise and Advertise

If you want to be successful online, you need to advertise your business to build a team of action takers, who do the same things you do. And although some days it may seem like a losing battle, you still NEED TO KEEP WORKING at it – NEVER GIVE UP! Because if you seriously try hard enough, you’ll get it done. And that’s when you will start making money.


2. Use Free or Inexpensive Advertising Resources First.

There are many free and cheap ad resources where you can promote your business daily.. see your PPIF member’s area. And these are great places to build a list because they have all the things that you and your team need to be successful.


3. Take Care of Your Team

Although advertising is the most important aspect you have to do, taking care of your team also is the next most important thing you have to keep in your mind! Taking care of your team is not difficult, but you do have a responsibility to do the right thing for the people that you sponsor into your favorite programs.

They NEED TO LEARN that working online is not hard, and it just takes time and a little work every day. So don’t forget to do the right thing, and send them a little update once or twice a week and let them know how you are doing. They will appreciate it, and some of them might decide to follow your recommendations. But beware, If you are doing nothing to build your business today, your team will likely do the same as you are.


4. Keep a Positive Attitude

This is very important for any online marketer! Working online is easy, but learning how to work online successfully takes time and patience. So don’t expect to be able to learn it all in just a month or two. And don’t expect to make a significant income in that time either.

So don’t be surprised if it takes you at least 3 – 6 months to start making some money. Just keep working on building your list and follow the right strategy.


5. Don’t Forget to Work a Little Every Day.

Believe it or not, the best members of your team will try to copy what you are doing and when you are successful they will want to be just like you. So you have to make sure that you set a good example by working at least a couple hours every day. And the more successful you want to be, the more advertising you should do.


6. Do The 3 Steps Everyday, to Be Successful.

You don’t have to learn the entire online to be successful, all you need is to repeat these THREE steps every day.

A) Join at least one good credit based safelist and text ad exchanges. (Click on the “Free Traffic Resources” on the top menu bar of your PPIF member’s area).

B) Log into your Gmail accounts and read the emails and click on the credit links in the emails, so that you can earn enough credits to send out your ads if you are on a tight budget.

C) Send out your ads using safelists you are already a member.

Repeat the steps above until you have enough money to spend on paid advertising.


7. Take Your Online Business Seriously.

Think of your online business as your REAL business, and work on it every day, just as you would go to work each day. Unfortunately, there is no magic money making pills anywhere. If you are looking for ’overnight riches, then, unfortunately, you’ll be looking in all the wrong places, and you will end up getting burned.

Always keep this in mind – Businesses are built not born overnight.

So the trick is to seek out opportunities with the intent to roll up your sleeves and build a real online business, not overnight riches. Eventually, you will be able to run it on autopilot when you have the financial resources to do so. Then you will be able to slide along and finally say that you have achieved true financial freedom. You just need to make an honest effort to get to that point; then all the hard work will pay off for you.



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