This Is The Only DONE-FOR-YOU System Of Its Kind, Which Helps You To Build A Secure FIVE, SIX, Even SEVEN Figure Monthly Residual Income For Life! 100% Newbie Friendly!

There are many ways to build a passive income online, but I found one of the best ways is to promote products and services which pay you month after month. Becoming an affiliate and making sales is great, but why not get paid for sales plus get paid every single month on top of that! I’m going to provide you with an automated marketing funnel which gives you a chance to multiply your income every time you refer someone. And more importantly, every sale you make will multiply your income too.

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Hello My Friend, Greeting…

My name is Bhupati Rout and I am the very proud team leader and creator of the PPIF (Pure Passive Income Funnel) system. I’m so glad you are here. If you’ve found this website, then I’m sure you are looking to make an online income that supports your lifestyle and gives you the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place! My mission is to help YOU achieve your business and financial dreams, while living a life full of FUN! I want to give you the opportunity to make better choices! I expect your serious attention… because you are about to discover an incredible system that helps you build long term monthly passive income – even if you are a newbie, and don’t know much about internet marketing.


I am honestly not kidding you! This system is SO POWERFUL, that it alone can change your life forever! Remember, this is a kind of evergreen money making system that grows your income bigger and bigger with each passing month. The system is based on ETHICAL, TRUSTED and 100% LEGITIMATE opportunities that will stay PROFITABLE for years to come. No lies… nothing to hide! My intention is crystal clear – To help everybody in our team to achieve their financial goal and never worry about money again. It is that simple.


Okay, now let me ask you this simple question:


Do You Have The BURNING DESIRE to Build A FULL TIME Residual Income That Will Pay You Month After Month?


If your answer is yes, you should know the TRUTH before joining us. Sorry to tell you that, but online marketing is just like any other real business; it takes vision, determination, a little bit of working capital and a willingness to work hard! BUT, if you’re prepared to put the work in, it pays out something far more than anything else out there. This business gives your work flexibility, financial freedom, a global marketplace and it’s FUN!!! Now, if you think this is for you, I would like to welcome you to this page with my open arms! All you have to do is to stay by my side and move forward with me. Every other issue I’ve already taken care of for you, so no worries!

Speaking of worries, I know how it is, because I was in the same position as you are. I had the same worries while I was venturing into internet marketing for the first time! I was asking myself, can I make a residual money online? If I make it, then how much it will be? Is there anyone to help me to do this? How to get started? etc… These were my worries, but later I came to know that these are the common worries of many people venturing into internet marketing for the first time! I had to find a SOLUTION!

I Never Stopped Searching…

It took me 4 (four) years to learn the secret of making a full time recurring income, that will continue to grow even if I decide to not work anymore after promoting it for at least ONE or TWO years. I knew this formula would help many online income seekers to achieve a bright financial future online. So, I started building this funnel…

“I have invested more than $1,000 and my precious time to make this system work for me and for my team. I want each one of my team to make money using this same system that I use personally.”


Now I am giving away this exact system, to those internet marketers who are seriously looking to make a full-time living online. Because it is simple – if you make money, I make more money. And when you give away this exact same system to your subscribers, they make you more money automatically. This is how this system works…

This Is Your Long Term Income Solution

Unlike other money making systems, this system is designed in such a way that it never gets over saturated. The concept within this system is EVERGREEN, 100% secure and will stay for years to come. There are incredible amounts of people searching the internet every day to make a full time living on the internet, and this number continues to grow every single day. The possibilities are endless…



A high quality product and service to promote


A proper sales funnel (Business automation)


Traffic generation (Lifeblood of your business)


So, here’s the deal, this might seem way too complicated to you, but THESE 3 ARE THE CORE INGREDIENTS to get success in any online business! And the good news is that you do not need to do these things by yourself, because I’ve already done this for you. This is the EXACT business funnel you are about to receive.


All you need to do is grab your “Pure Passive Income Funnel” system right now…DO NOT let anyone tell you that making money online is hard or complicated, because it’s not! I believe in keeping things simple. If you follow the exact instructions you have EVERYTHING you need to make $10,000 per month… In fact, the ONLY way you can fail is if you don’t take action and I am not kidding!


Check this out!



A done-for-you website with your affiliate links (Carefully designed to earn you FIVE or SIX figures per month – No hosting required).

3 nos. high converting squeeze pages linked with this exact same landing page (done for you).


Automatic follo-wup messages (15 nos.) to your prospects with your affiliate links, that will help to convert them into paying customers in your downline.


Done-for-you traffic training (priceless info).


Done-for-you advertising materials (banners, ad copies, etc.).


Personal one-on-one support.


Step-by-step “Quick Start Guide” to help get you started immediately.


And many more…


So Let Me Ask You Something…WHY NOT YOU?


Seriously think about that for a second, what makes those people who are making a full time living on the internet, living the life of their dreams (a life full of fun and total financial freedom), any different than you?

Don’t skip over this question. I really want you to think about it.

Are you ready for the answer? Well, here it is…NOTHING!!

That’s right; the people that are killing it on the internet right now are no different than you. The only difference between you and them is the fact that they have “The Plan”. They know the “Secret Sauce” to making money on the internet… …and the funny thing is the “Secret Sauce” really isn’t a secret at all. It’s an extremely simple method, that once applied will unlock a whole new world for you.

All you need is a proven system with a plan of action to follow, and on the next step I am going to give you the EXACT AND ONLY Done-For-You System you ever need to make over $10,000+ per month on the internet… and that is almost GUARANTEED if you follow my action plan.

Listen, this strategy works for everyone, it does not matter whether you are a newbie or an experienced internet marketer. If you are one of those who have been trying to figure out how to make it on the internet but haven’t had any success…THIS IS YOUR CHANCE! It’s for those who want a life of freedom and are willing to work for it, but they need a little guidance to help get them there.

“I want to prove that we don’t need any GURUS’ SECRET to make six or seven figures online if we have the right tools and enough determination to work.”

Does that sound like you?

If so, I would like to be the person that guides you. The person that ensures you are always headed in the right direction. The person you know has your back and will always be there if you have any questions.

So if you aren’t making $10,000 or more per month on the internet yet, and are willing to put in some work to make it happen, then create your account (no cost to you) below to continue to the “PPIF (Pure Passive Income Funnel)” members area, where I’ll reveal the strategy of earning five figures per month on the internet.


See You On The Other Side

To Our Team Success…

To Our Team Success...

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