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Hi, my name is Bhupati Rout…

Bhupati Rout


I’m a real person and have been making a full-time living online since 2010.

Here I’m to help YOU make money online while living an honest life full of FUN! And don’t worry, I’m not going to ask you for a dime…


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This website promotes few TOP Rated programs that REALLY potential to change your life. And I’m an affiliate for each of them.
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Now, I’m going to give you this exact website, absolutely FREE, which gives you an EQUAL CHANCE to multiply your income every time you refer someone.


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PPIF is a stand alone residual income builder. I have hand-picked the programs and tools and then have those integrated into it in a way that quickly creates multiple streams of residual income, without any extra effort!


How it Works For YOU!

The way the system works is very simple!

It allows you to promote YOUR primary business (if any) while promoting the programs that I REALLY believe in. Yes, these are the SAME programs that make me money every month!

Although it is not compulsory I highly recommend that you join all the programs.

Upon joining the programs under your sponsor, you need to enter your affiliate IDs into the system. The system will automatically replace your sponsors’ affiliate links with your own!

If you’re already a member in any of those programs there is no need to rejoin again, just update your Affiliate ID. It’s that simple!

Now you advertise your PPIF website to get people to sign up under you! Once people started signing up, this marketing system continues to follow up with them to ensure that they take the necessary steps and join to ALL of the programs under you. And also the system continues to do the same for your referrals when they refer others and so on. This is likely the BEST WAY to start making money online while building a long-term business and an active downline. And this is the real value that you get from this system.


It works so well because it is simple – if you make money, I make more money. And when your referrals make money, you make more money automatically, and this is how this system works!

It’s A Long Term Income Solution

Unlike other money making systems, it designed in such a way that never gets over saturated. The concept is EVERGREEN, 100% secure and will stay for years to come. There are incredible amounts of people searching the internet every day to make a full time living on the web, and this number continues to grow every single day. The possibilities are endless!

Here’s Exactly What You Get


A FREE copy of this EXACT website with private Members’ Area (No hosting required).


THREE high converting capture pages – linked to this same landing page that coded with your affiliate link.


Automatically follow-up messages that help you convert your prospects into paying customers.


Get access to TOP performing traffic resources (valuable info).


Done-for-you promotional materials (banners, ad copy, etc.).


Personal one-on-one support and much more.

Here Are a Few Benefits Of Using PPIF System

1 . The major advantage of promoting PPIF is that you can promote several affiliate programs at once (including your primary business) which saves you a lot of time, money and advertising effort!

2 . Generate Viral Traffic – Your referrals will advertise your traffic resources on their PPIF Recommended Traffic page if they do not join and update their own Affiliate ID’s! The bigger your downline gets, the more viral traffic you will generate and the more people you will have to build relationships with as they will be on your team forever!

3 . Most people are probably advertising the same replicated company page like everybody else. You can be UNIQUE and get ahead of the competition by using PPIF residual income builder instead!

4 . You don’t need to create your own website and capture page system! PPIF system is 100% free to use!


So, here’s the deal: All you need to do is grab your “Pure Passive Income Funnel” system right now… DO NOT let anyone tell you that making money online is hard or complicated because it’s not! The system will work for you if you are willing to work, it does not matter whether you are a newbie or an experienced internet marketer.

If you follow the exact instructions, the system can make you hundreds or thousands in potential monthly income and provide additional financial benefits without any extra work! In fact, the ONLY way you can fail is if you don’t take action and I am not kidding!



Does that sound like you?

If so, I would like to be the person that guides you. The person that ensures you are always headed in the right direction. The person you know has your back and will always be there if you have any questions.

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