Steps to Setup  PPIF Shared Campaign on TrafficWave


#1 – Login and Click on AutoResponder > Create New Campaign


#2 – Enter Campaign NickName and Click Verify


#3 Wait for Verify, check the info and click Move to Step 2


#4 – Enter, Your Name, Email and Campaign Name that you want to show to on the list and click Move to Step 3

Campaign Title: Pure Passive Income Funnel


#5 – Enter Address Information and Move to Step 4. Tick The Box if You Want to Use the Same Address You Used in TrafficWave Profile.


#6 – Select “First Name/Last Name (Split Field) and click Move to Step 5


#7 – Tick the box Subscriber Notification, then tick box agreement and click Finish


#8 – Click on AutoResponder > Retrieve Published Campaign


#9 – Select “Retrieve OTHER Pre-Written Autoresponder Letters” and enter the ID Number of the Autoresponder and the 5 digit authorization code below. Select “purepassiveincome” from the drop down menu and click on “Retrieve Pre-Written Autoresponder Letters”.

ID Number: 398652

5 Digit Code: 60257


#10 – Click to review your changes


#11 – Click on “Add New URL Token”.


#12 – Put your PPIF referral link and click on “Update Signature Tokens”.